Andrea Petkovic with her best friend Lara Wittmann

It might be a little strange to provide an own section for friends – or extraordinary as I would say. But there are good reasons for that. A lot of my friends are very talented, but they don’t get as much recognition and attention as they deserve. (another thing why I am studying political science!). Most of them are of creative origin and they should be provided a base for presentation. And the more you know about my friends, the more you know about me.

Phil Fill: A musician to the core. He studied jazz music in Mannheim in his special subject: the drums. Nowadays he’s singing and writing songs, which can be described as Neo-Funk with a pinch of Elektro-Pop and are worth listening at. He has finished his second album lately and plays gigs all over Germany.

Lukas Lehmann: Being a sports-journalist in his everyday-life his true passions lie beyond. He has not only worked a lot on this site here but he often locks himself in his cellar to work on his music and be creative. A result of that is an event called The Big Beat. und

Florian Schüppel: Another member of The Big Beat, who is one of the best photographers I know. The pictures on that page are amongst others taken by him (all criticism belongs to the unprofessional model). Check out his photos!

Jacob Chromy: All online-shoppers who are open-minded to quaint products (for example a war-quartet) go to:

Daniel Benz: The sneaker-expert has opened a shop for trainers in Darmstadt. Ever since he shows that old-fashioned town how to roll. You can also buy sneakers online at

Und last but certainly not least: LARA WITTMAN, the best soulmate on earth. You are the greatest and you know that.